05 February 2009



Dear User of the AutoCAD 2010 (Beta) or AutoCAD 2010- based vertical product!

In AutoCAD 2010, some improvements were made to the Hatch feature. We need your help in determining the importance of additional hatch improvements.

AutoCAD Product Design and Usability Group is running a research study on the Hatch Ranking and the Use of Hatch experience.

Who Should Participate?
Users who create and apply hatches to objects and models in AutoCAD 2010 (Beta).
(Please don't participate if you have not used Hatch in AutoCAD 2010).

How To Participate?
If you think you are qualified, please help us to rank the importance of Hatch improvements by submitting the Hatch Ranking Survey.

Hatch Ranking Survey could be accessed via this link:

This Survey is available : February 3-18, 2009

We greatly appreciate your input and help!- AutoCAD Product Design and Usability Group.

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