11 May 2010

Autodesk Survey: AutoCAD Array

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We are looking for participants for the remote study on AutoCAD Array.

Who Are We Looking For?

General AutoCAD users of any discipline (latest release or older versions of AutoCAD), who are familiar with the Array command and use grips to edit their drawings.
Optional/additional requirements:
• Users that are familiar with parametric drawing (geometric and dimensional constraints in AutoCAD)
• Users familiar with 3D
• Familiar with the DIVIDE and MEASURE commands.

We are planning to conduct this study the week of May 17th (we will conduct 8 sessions).

We will be sending you a $30 Amazon Gift Certificate as a token of thanks for the 60 min remote session.

How to Participate?
All sessions are remote, via the GoToMeeting/phone.

If you are interested in participating, please check all times that you are available (Pacific Time, USA):

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