21 November 2008

Oui Paris!

I was chatting with Nicolas Mangon at Autodesk and being that he is French asked if had a 3D DWG file of the Eiffel Tower. Well he didn't, at least not at that moment. So he looked around and his fellow Autodesker(coworker) Pawel Piechnik came up with one. Impressionnant! He sent it to me as an AutoCAD DWG file. I ran it through a custom program here at WPM and stupéfier! A Revit Structure model of the Eiffel Tower!

Now, for sure the model is not complete. There are lots of little pieces not modeled. But what this does show is that there really isn't a project that can't be modeled if you want it bad enough.

I was going to post the files here but they really are too large for this blog. But if you want a copy, just drop me an email at dharrington(at)walterpmoore.com.

Au revoir!

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