27 January 2009

My latest RST technique

I'm working on a stadium project that seems to be changing every day or so. It is a steel project so there are a lot of members to keep track of. And since it is a stadium, there is a good deal of members being unique and varying in length as the building 'curves' around the field.

So I'm having a go at using a schedule to isolate and then change beams en masse. Imagine knowing that the beams that are 9' off grid E are 29'-3 3/4" long, on each level. If you know that you can use a schedule to 'edit' that beam size, camber, studs, etc. and edit it pretty quickly. Depending on how you build the schedule, each beam can be listed individually. Or you can adjust the schedule to bundle beams by size, level and length. Doing that gets you the access to that specific beam(s) so one schedule change, changes all that match it.

Now this isn't earth shattering but it is the first I have really put it to use and I must say I have found it very helpful.

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