01 April 2009

ADT no more?

A friend forwarded this to me. After reading the first line I was in shock. I know Autodesk would like to sell fewer software titles (while selling more of other ones), but killing anything is a very difficult process and hard to get users to buy into.


After getting to the bottom of the post, alas, an April fool's joke. I then verified that Autodesk had released nothing of the sort. Funny guys, really funny...


Gregory Arkin said...

David, thanks for the crosslink.

I was in just as much shock while I was writing it. I really wanted it to be true. Maybe Autodesk will consider it some day.

I'm sure ADT will be around a long time. After all I'm still using AOL 3.0 CDs as coasters. There will always be a place for ADT discs under my beer.

Until then we hope for a Revitlution.

David Harrington said...

The question is if/when Revit will really be a replacement for AutoCAD and its AEC children. RVT is great for some projects, but for some not so much. Complex and large projects bring RVT to its knees so easily.

Gregory Arkin said...

I'm sure it will be around the same day that AutoCAD stops having it's own issues. Let's target 2020 just to be safe.

I think the sooner that the CAD users let Autodesk know they're willing to give up AutoCAD and move to Revit, that would be the signal to Autodesk to spend more development funds on Revit to add these improvements rather than to continue spending money on continuing to develop a 26 year old product. I don't think even DOS is that old!

David Harrington said...

Inasmuch I love Revit and it has done wonders for the AEC community, I don't believe for a second that the world of AutoCAD can all use Revit if they wanted. There are so many flavors of use, only a very broad and extensive application can handle it. Revit is a Architectural product. It then got enhanced for Structure and recently MEP. AutoCAD is far from dead IMHO. ;)