09 April 2009

Bye, Bye Migration

If you work in an office and have networked AutoCAD licenses you probably do software distribution via a software deployment. A deployment is a great and easy way to get a new version rolled out to the staff.

Now the next concern is your customization (I hope you have something at least). In my case WPM has a fairly large set of tools and accompaning menu that serves it all up for the user. But here is the rub. When you roll to a new version, AutoCAD be default wants to migrate the users settings.

What then happens is annoying if not problematic. If they previously used, say 2009, and then install the new 2010 deployement, when they go to launch 2010 the software will offer the user a chance to migrate their settings. This then copies, not points to, the various files such as PAT, LIN, etc. files to their location system. Whereas you did a great job sharing all your standards and customization on a network drive - instantly all that stuff is copied to the individual system.

Oh sure, you can tell people to hit CANCEL but you know some will blow that simple instruction. Well, all is better now.

With 2010, during the deployement creation the admin guy can turn off that 'feature'. In fact they can turn off a number of annoying things done previously for your 'benefit'.

I don't know about you, but so far 2010 is a great update just for that ability. I'm sure I will have more later...

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Unknown said...

How do you turn this off? I can't find it in the deployment wizard...