06 April 2010

Autodesk AEC Technology Day

Last week, I think Thursday, I got a call from a guy at Autodesk. After the initial platitudes he asked a question, "What are you doing next week?". After a few more minutes of explaination I was invited to the first Autodesk AEC Technology Day. The event is being held in the Walthan, MA, Autodesk AEC headquarters.
One of my first questions is why? What is this about? What is my role? I don't really have all the answers yet but it is proving to be interesting.
Last night was a media reception at the office. It was here that I learned that a main focus of the event is to make sure we (bloggers,writers,teachers,etc) have a basic grasp of what 2011 entails. What's good about it and how it can impact what we are doing.
What does Autodesk expect from this? As far as I can tell nothing beyond doing what *we* do. Talk about it, if we want, or don't talk about it. I've asked the question and interestingly gotten pretty much nothing in the form of guidance.
Okay, so what do I say? Well last night was interesting. I was happy to spend a few minutes speaking with some old Autodesk friends such as Nicolas and Marie. It was great to finally meet some fellow bloggers and instructors. The event ended too early in my opinion, so a few of us went back to the hotel and kept up the dialog, discussing all aspects of Autodesk, the communitity, and how it is impacting our lives directly.
So far so good. Today is scheduled and full of meetings. I can't wait to get through it and I will surely peel off at some point and talk about what I have seen and heard.

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