05 April 2010

Revit Structure 2011 Feature: Bullets and Numbering

What? Really? Yes kids, you have bullets and numbering in Revit 2011! You can fire up the text notes tool. Pick a spot to put it and then start typeing. When you are ready to start numbering, use the tool from the contextual ribbon and you immediately get a numeral uno! "1." and some space. Start typing and you have your first line of text. Hit Enter and get a "2.", continue typing.

It is just how it supposed to be, the world is alright now...

Now I have to admit it isn't all glory, we don't yet have copy/paste from MS Word and have the copied bullets or numbers exist as native Revit bullets & numbers. But I generally believe it is good enough now and that ability actually isn't needed anyway. Learn to type your notes in Revit and this is a non-issue.


cadalot said...

What about subscript and superscript!

Unknown said...

It sure would be nice if you could have some space between each paragraph. If you want to add an extra return between each note, Revit adds a number to the empty line.