01 April 2010

Revit Structure 2011 Feature: Remove Beam System

The new release right around the corner and I have had a lot of people inquire about what is in it. There are a lot of new features and enhancements, but I always really enjoy the 'duh' features. You know, the things that are so cool and handy they should have been there *before*. I've been around this industry long enough to knnow the lingo. Most people call these features "low hanging fruit" and they are very sweet indeed.

My personal favorite in RST2011 is the new ability to explode a beam system.

It may seem simple but you have to have the perspective from where we were before this little gem. In prior versions of Revit Structure, you could have a field day placing beam systems all over the place. It is a super quick way to layout lots, and I mean lots, of framing. But once it was there it kind of locked you out of making refinements as you want. Sure, you can change sizes and even unpin and move members about. But that beam system was still there - haunting you.

At some point you eventually get fed up with it and delete the beam system and relegate yourself to modeling the beams back.

Well now you don't have to. Once you are done with the beam system control, you can blow it up and leave all the beams behind. Nice.

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