02 December 2007

Are you linked in yet?

Did you know there is a professional 'Myspace' web site? It is called Linkedin and is the best thing since Facebook. In a nutshell it is a online rolodex for people you know, but a rolodex in which the people in it keep it up to date. Once you have a created a business relationship, the website will keep the connection instead of forcing your friends/associates to email you when they move about.

You can also use the service to reconnect with people you knew but lost, which is very cool. I'm sure you can do more with the website than rolodexing but for the vast majority it does just that. For me I add people as I have professional relationships built, either through writing for the AUGIWorld magazine, Autodesk staffers, or day-to-day activities at Walter P Moore.

Just for kicks, here is my Linkedin profile.

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