15 December 2007

I'm on vacation till next year!

Yep, it's true - don't hate me. Not only I am now on vacation until after the new year, but I also live in Tampa, Florida, and the current weather at 1pm on Saturday is 83° F and a little cloudy. Now I won't be sleeping during my break. Rather I have shopping for the holidays to do, and after Christmas I'm taking a little trip up to St. Augustine, Florida. It is the nations oldest continually inhabited city and very cool. Then I head down the east coast of Florida, visit Daytona Beach, hit the Kennedy Space Center (of course), and finally spend some time in Cocoa Beach.

Now about this blog. Since some of the time I will be away from a computer (NOooooo), it probably will be a bit neglected over these next few weeks. But you never know, I may find time and energy to share a thought or post a trip picture.

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