03 December 2007

Someone found my keys!

I didn't mention this in my previous AU related post, but I lost my keys in Vegas. After all the irritation of my flight delay, the plane lands and I start hunting in my computer bag for my keys. Hmmm, no keys. Then it hits me like a brick, I had used the jump drive attached to my keys to transfer a handout to a laptop in the speaker ready room so I could print it out.

And that is where it stayed while I packed up and left Vegas. Luckily June Nakatani with Autodesk broke down the equipment and found them. Not knowing who they belonged to she packed them up with the rest of the material and shipped them to back to Autodesk HQ. So it will probably be a week or so before I actually get them back, but at least I should get them back. Thank you June!

Side note, I've never actually lost my keys. I'm probably more stressed about braking that streak than actually not having keys which I can easily duplicate.

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