16 December 2007

TV: Heroes

I feel compelled to share that I have new found addiction - the Heroes TV show. I'm a SciFi fan, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, etc., so I really never gave this show any attention. Now I'm also into movies and use Netflix to catch up on flicks I miss in the theater. So as a side perk you can watch some movies and shows via the Internet. Well just because I was bored a few weeks ago I fired up episode 1 of season one of Heroes - and then I couldn't stop watching. I try to squeeze in the 43 mins per show as much as I can. This thing is so intriguing, puzzling, and amazing. The show is so well written, threads woven together to intricately, I literally am glued to the screen the whole time. Anyway, if you like time travel, comic books, SciFi, put this on your watching schedule. You have a few seasons to go through to catch up and with the writers strike, it will give you something to fill the time. You do have to unplug from CAD on occasion, no?

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