05 December 2007

Projects I have worked on

I, more than anyone, realize I have been around a long while. What I have I been doing most of that time? Working for Walter P Moore and helping to develop great structural projects across world. So what better way to keep track of this stuff than to get a big map with a bunch of push pins marking my project locations.

Well that isn't very convenient to me or anyone else. So the next best idea is a web site where you can track this stuff and show it using Google Maps data (duh). Curious what projects I have worked on in the last 20 years? Click here to see for yourself. Now, my push pinning isn't complete yet - it will take me some time. Once I finish it I will post again to that effect.


Daniel Hurtubise said...

Nothing up north buddy ;-)

David Harrington said...

Yea, don't know why I have yet to cross into Canada. Must be an accent thing. ;)