13 December 2007

Revit Structure Keyboard Shortcut Poll

My post the other day about RST keyboard shortcuts got me thinking, why on earth are each and every one of us trying to determine the best shortcut organization? Why? Because Autodesk hasn't done it already. Autodesk has people on staff who study this stuff, know what commands are used most, what shortcut combinations are faster than others, etc. I know it isn't rocket science but it is in that department I think.

Now for a while now there have been lists available (in my other post) for getting a pretty good setup going in your location. But I have to believe that if the software came with something, at least then people would have a head start on productivity. So, to prove my point, cast your vote on the Should Revit Structure come with fully populated keyboard shortcuts? poll at the top left of this blog. This poll will run thru the end of the year, at which time I'll annoy a few guys over in the Revit Structure group with the results.

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