09 August 2008

AU or bust!

The registration is now open for Autodesk University 2008. The premier annual event for Autodesk, here is the chance to rub (leader) shoulders with the brightest in the industry - and I'll be there too!


08 August 2008

AUGI and SolidVapor part ways

A bit of a shock, AUGI and SolidVapor are ending their partnership after 4 years. The organization grew a lot in this time and is much more professional now than ever before. I hope AGUI can take the best of what SV was able to do and continue to expand on it. Volunteers, now is the time to put up.


I got BIM&BEAMed...

The people over at Autodesk invited me and I accepted to be interviewed for the current BIM&BEAM series on Revit-ready companies. Way cool!