23 December 2008

Blog by mobile

Just testing blogging by remote location. At this moment I am taking a break from shopping. :)

22 December 2008


I am on vacation for the next two weeks. I may still post but that will be totally up to what happens away from work! Regardless, I wish all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Stay warm.

17 December 2008

AU Class results

I finally got around to checking the results of the class I taught at AU08 on developing standards within Revit Structure. The data is below for your review. I think it went pretty well. This AU went with electronic surveying so the percentage of student responses is less than in years past. Also different than before is a simple yes/no as opposed to a rating scale. People probably a kinder in yes/no voting but the info is still valuable. Thank you to all who took the time to do the survey.

Survey Results SE314-1

Structure or Standards? Do Both!

David Harrington Attended 100

1.Did the session description accurately reflect the class you attended?
44 Answers (44.0%) 41 - 93.18% Yes 3 - 6.82% No

2.On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) please evaluate:
44 Answers (44.0%)

8.84 Speaker's ability to present and communicate
8.97 Speaker's knowledge of subject
8.93 Speaker's preparation
8.68 Course materials
8.61 Technical content
8.86 Overall course

Average: 8.82%

3.This course met your learning objectives?
44 Answers (44.0%)

41 - 93.18% Yes 3 - 6.82% No

4.I would recommend this speaker?
44 Answers (44.0%)

42 - 95.45% Yes 2 - 4.55% No

5.I would recommend this session?
44 Answers (44.0%)

42 - 95.45% Yes 2 - 4.55% No

6.I would like to learn more about the topic of this session
44 Answers (44.0%)

38 - 86.36% Yes 6 - 13.64% No

- this was a very informative session
- Very credible speaker.
- Class was very similar to CM311-2
- great class very informative
- I loved it. great ideas to take back. I have work to do! wanted more specific instructions in the handout.
- David is always enjoyable
- No comments
- Speaker was charismatic and knowledgeable. Excellent presentation
- This was a great session. Every cadd modeler should attend. I am taking away alot of good information. Thanks
- Already knew what he showed
- Interesting session, Good speaker.
- great job

If you are interested in seeing this class it is available for free on the AU site, all you have to do is register. The class presentation was recorded with audio. Also available is the handout in PDF that was provided to the class attendees.

11 December 2008

Discounts on Techsmith Software

I just got an email from Techsmith promoting their software such as Camtasia and Snagit. I use both of these programs, Camtasia for training videos and Snagit for writing technical pieces. In the email is a coupon for $ off since I stopped by their booth. Below is the info so you can get the same discount. Why should you pay more for not going to AU?

$55 off the Snagit & Camtasia Studio BundleSimply click here to order before January 5, 2009 with promo code AUTODSK08

You can also save if you already own Snagit or Camtasia Studio and would like to upgrade!
upgrade to Snagit 9.1, use the code AUTODSK08SU at checkout to get $5 off. To upgrade to Camtasia Studio 6, use the code AUTODSK08CU to get $25 off. Or feel free to call us directly at 800.517.3001 or +1-517-381-2300! Please have your original purchase order number or software key available.

Valid through January 5, 2009.

10 December 2008

A follow up on the font

A reader of this blog asked what is the 'magical address' regarding the font. Well I don't have a web address to where it can be found, although I am sure there is one. No, all you need to do if you want the font is email me directly. Those in my class have my email from the handout. My email is also shown within my AU Online profile. I have also given it here on this blog a few posts ago. But I do try to avoid putting it out on the Internet directly as to keep spam at a minimum. Funny I know, but it is a goal...

09 December 2008

AU2008 Online is LIVE

It took a day longer than promised but the AU2009 Online site is now live. Here you can get a sense of what AU is like by reading and watching many of the presentations and classes.

Font from class

I am still waiting for the AU Online speaker web site to become active so I can post the materials from my Revit Standards class. Additionally, I mentioned during the class that I had found an architectural style font in TTF format. If you would like a copy of this font file just email me.

06 December 2008

Into Tomorrow at AU2008

Here are the URL links to the various things related to the radio interview I participated in at AU last week.

Dave Graveline's website
The AU 2008 video spots
My video spot

04 December 2008

Nearly over

My last day at AU is now. I just wrapped up my lecture and it went pretty well I think. The issue was standards so it is a little thin to start with but I filled up the time well enough. The handout was very comprehensive so I hope the attendees feel it lived up to their expectations.

In a hour the AU wrap event fires up and ends at 9pm. I then am heading to the airport to catch my 1am flight back home.

Another thing that I did while here was sit for a short radio interview for www.intotomorrow.com, a radio show on technology. It was kinda different for sure but fun as well. This weekend the spot will be broadcast and it will be downloadable very soon. Keep an eye out, I'll post a link to it when it is available. www.graveline.com is probably where it will be put.

A final word from AU. I met a number of people who actually said they read my blog. Frankly I was shocked! Since I don't pay that much to this blog nor the visiter counts I had not idea it was being a source of information much less entertainment. I now feel a little more compelled to put more good stuff here, we shall see. To those that took the time to say hi, thanks!

Skipped a day!

Well I had wanted to post each day of AU but ended up just being way to busy to sit and do it. Such is life I guess. Today looks to be another great one, a number of classes as well as conducting the class I am teaching at AU on Revit Standards. Then late in the day is the final event, the AU Party and Design Slam. After which then I head back towards Tampa on a lovely red-eye flight through Houston. Ugh!

02 December 2008


Okay, I am totally exhausted. Last night I hit the speaker social and had a wonderful time chatting it up with fellow speakers. Always a low key event, this is one chance to actually say HI to guys that due to everyone's schedule I won't see again during the show.

During this little party I also spent some time with Tom Wier and Jamie Richardson, fellow Mastering Revit Structure authors. We reflected on the book writing this year, the publishing process and our hopes for the book acceptance in the industry. Writing a book is like have a kid - you want it to be good and a success, regardless of making any money! Only the main stream authors write for cash, us tech writers do it for the love of writing and sharing information.

Following the speaker gig, I hit the AEC Bim party. This thing started small just a few years ago and now has hundreds attending. During this event I spent a good deal of time talking to Nicolas Mangon and others with Autodesk. I did so much talking that my voice this morning was a bit scratchy and soar. I think I may need to take it easier today.

Next up today is the keynote, AUGI Volunteer luncheon, followed by a couple classes. Then this evening is the exhibit hall opening. That is always the craziest and most entertaining time for me.

01 December 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Okay, here we go again - Autodesk University! The premier (and only) Autodesk focused event held yearly in the USA. Just got in this afternoon after a nice flight from Tampa via Houston. Did the whole registration thing but this year was different than before - self check-in kiosks! Kinda cool I guess, but it does make the whole thing a little less interesting. Hack your name and then get sent to a queue where someone calls out your name and you grab your stuff and jet. I guess I like the interaction.

Anyway, all is set. There are two things to hit this evening; the AU Speaker Social. It's a chance for the staff to meet and greet with the speakers and share a drink or three. Usually a fun time and very low key.

After that is a AEC BIM Mixer - yet another opportunity to meet and greet with the movers and shakers in the A/E/C & BIM industry. After Thanksgiving last week, I feel like a shaker more than a mover. I suspect I will get a chance to meet the cream of the BIM crop at this - and have another beer I suspect.

Tomorrow, classes begin! I hope to keep my blog hot with blurbs from the event. I also noticed it is 1 year now since this little rag was born. It started with a lot of energy but I will admit has foundered a bit on occasion. I pledge to do it right from now on - and post as a good blog parent should!