04 December 2008

Nearly over

My last day at AU is now. I just wrapped up my lecture and it went pretty well I think. The issue was standards so it is a little thin to start with but I filled up the time well enough. The handout was very comprehensive so I hope the attendees feel it lived up to their expectations.

In a hour the AU wrap event fires up and ends at 9pm. I then am heading to the airport to catch my 1am flight back home.

Another thing that I did while here was sit for a short radio interview for www.intotomorrow.com, a radio show on technology. It was kinda different for sure but fun as well. This weekend the spot will be broadcast and it will be downloadable very soon. Keep an eye out, I'll post a link to it when it is available. www.graveline.com is probably where it will be put.

A final word from AU. I met a number of people who actually said they read my blog. Frankly I was shocked! Since I don't pay that much to this blog nor the visiter counts I had not idea it was being a source of information much less entertainment. I now feel a little more compelled to put more good stuff here, we shall see. To those that took the time to say hi, thanks!

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