17 December 2008

AU Class results

I finally got around to checking the results of the class I taught at AU08 on developing standards within Revit Structure. The data is below for your review. I think it went pretty well. This AU went with electronic surveying so the percentage of student responses is less than in years past. Also different than before is a simple yes/no as opposed to a rating scale. People probably a kinder in yes/no voting but the info is still valuable. Thank you to all who took the time to do the survey.

Survey Results SE314-1

Structure or Standards? Do Both!

David Harrington Attended 100

1.Did the session description accurately reflect the class you attended?
44 Answers (44.0%) 41 - 93.18% Yes 3 - 6.82% No

2.On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) please evaluate:
44 Answers (44.0%)

8.84 Speaker's ability to present and communicate
8.97 Speaker's knowledge of subject
8.93 Speaker's preparation
8.68 Course materials
8.61 Technical content
8.86 Overall course

Average: 8.82%

3.This course met your learning objectives?
44 Answers (44.0%)

41 - 93.18% Yes 3 - 6.82% No

4.I would recommend this speaker?
44 Answers (44.0%)

42 - 95.45% Yes 2 - 4.55% No

5.I would recommend this session?
44 Answers (44.0%)

42 - 95.45% Yes 2 - 4.55% No

6.I would like to learn more about the topic of this session
44 Answers (44.0%)

38 - 86.36% Yes 6 - 13.64% No

- this was a very informative session
- Very credible speaker.
- Class was very similar to CM311-2
- great class very informative
- I loved it. great ideas to take back. I have work to do! wanted more specific instructions in the handout.
- David is always enjoyable
- No comments
- Speaker was charismatic and knowledgeable. Excellent presentation
- This was a great session. Every cadd modeler should attend. I am taking away alot of good information. Thanks
- Already knew what he showed
- Interesting session, Good speaker.
- great job

If you are interested in seeing this class it is available for free on the AU site, all you have to do is register. The class presentation was recorded with audio. Also available is the handout in PDF that was provided to the class attendees.

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