30 September 2009

WPM is #6!

Even in this economy some companies are still managing to get work done, do it right, and keep their staff generally happy. I was pleased to see my company of 22 years once again get recognized.


It is interesting that so many of the best firms have less than 50 people.

Congrats to all!

28 September 2009

Awww, that's pretty

A project I did in little ol' Tampa town is nearly completion. The Tampa Museum of Art isn't huge but it was an interesting project in Revit and looks very nice along the river.

Bye, Bye Migration part 2

Blog reader Gregorw asked regarding my previous "Bye, Bye Migration" post that he could not find the location to shut off the migration. It is found during the deployment build within the Custom install area as shown in this image.

15 September 2009

Mastering Revit Structure 2010 shipping!

A CADDHELP reader named Scott asked when the new book will be out. As it happens I just heard yesterday from the production editor that he had his copy of the book and it was being released 9/14. Soooo, it's out there and on the way...

Here is the link on Amazon if you need. Again, I get $0 for each copy sold (unless the publication is a real hot item) so this is just me saving time on the search.


09 September 2009

Looking to help out?

I recently started a new Linkedin.com group called CADDHELP. The primary goal of the group is to help connect publishers with authors of CADD related materials. At this time the main focus is AUGI magazines AECEDGE and AUGIWorld but it will branch out into books and perhaps even video training.

If you are a member of Linkedin and willing to help on occasion, consider joining the CADDHELP group. As opportunities pop up you will be notified accordingly.