30 October 2008

Worst blogger ever

I do feel that way - I have so ignored this thing it is pathetic! Anyway, I'm setting a reminder to myself to post more often so we shall see.

So what is new? Well the Mastering Revit Structure 2009 book is done in writing and off in production with expected street date late in November. You check it out at Wiley's web site for the book here. It came out really good IMHO, I hope it gets a great reception in the industry.

AUGIWorld is offline for the moment. AUGI and SolidVapor are producing an issue for AU (Nov/Dec08) but after that is unknown. I've done technical editing for AUGIWorld for quite some time so I will miss it but no doubt find something new to do.

Workwise I have a number of projects underway, most notably a new baseball stadium with a retractable roof. Doing a large roof like this in Revit is interesting to say the least! Also, back in August Walter P Moore opened an office in San Francisco and Washington DC. So literally, WPM, spans coast to coast now.