20 October 2009

Revit 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack

Another new and cool feature is that now the Draw panel on the ribbon, the tools contained it to draw lines, arc, etc, will all have keyboard shortcut access.

New Keyboard Shortcut editor

There are a number of new features coming in this Revit 2010 enhancement but a really cool one is a Keyboard Shortcut editor. As you can see in this image it provides a clean dialog for adjusting your preferences.

Coming soon...

Revit Platform 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack!

Stay tuned for more info...

15 October 2009

Windows 7 cometh

As many others, for my personal machine I am going to upgrade to Windows 7. This machine is about 3 years old (Dell 9150) and runs XP pretty good - but I have to stay on top of virus blocking. Now when Vista came out I upgraded to that, but within a matter of months I reverted back to XP. My biggest gripe was the driver availability and the machine was kinda sluggish.

Well with Win7 I hope to do better and actually enjoy the new features and interface without complaint. I ordered Windows 7 Home Premium via Sams Club for $128 delivered to the door when it ships.

08 October 2009

Something annoying you? Just delete it!

A technique I use a lot is the DELETE and DO and then PASTE what I deleted back. This works for me both in AutoCAD and Revit.

For example, I need to draw or select something and a solid hatch is blocking my view. Well the standard method would be to freeze the annoying layer, do what you need, and then unfreeze. But depending on the condition it might be quicker to just erase it. In AutoCAD I can delete stuff, do whatever, and then OOPS and what I deleted last will be restored. Pretty cool!

Now for Revit, that takes using the CTRL+X to erase and put it into the clipboard. Then do what I need, and PASTE SAME PLACE to put it back.

The caveat to this technique is dimensions associated to the deleted objects will be tossed in the garbage, so you need to be on top of your CADD game to use this.