26 April 2010

Autodesk AutoCAD Survey: Internet Usage

Dear AutoCAD User!

Please provide us with your opinions on the use of the internet when accomplishing CAD work. We need your expertise on what content you find valuable and useful to make sure that future releases support your work effectively.

Please dedicate 30- 35 min of your time by submitting your responses on this research.

Our Goal
To gain the most complete understanding about CAD-related internet usage so that we may be able to make effective design decisions.

Who Should Participate?
This survey is open to individual contributors (Designers, Drafters), CAD Managers and students using any AutoCAD variation for any period of time.

How To Participate?
Please submit your opinion via the AutoCAD and the Internet Survey:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for your help!
AutoCAD Product Design&Usability Group
Autodesk, Inc
(On behalf of the group- Elena.fadeeva@autodesk.com)

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23 April 2010

Time to Vote on Wishes!

The AutoCAD and Revit Architecture Wish List ballot closes on May 31 at 12:00 am CST USA.

AUGI Members, it is time once again to let Autodesk know what you would like to see in future releases of AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. The next Wish List ballot is open. Autodesk uses the results of AUGI Wish List ballots to help plan out improvements in the software. Take advantage of this opportunity. The only thing you need is a membership in AUGI, and a little bit of your time.

You've submitted your wishes, now come vote on the ones you'd most like to see become a part of the product you use on a daily basis. On behalf of all of the wish list team members - reviewers and administrators - thank you for your time and your vote!

Vote now for AutoCAD and Revit Architecture!

You must be an AUGI member and you must log in to vote.

Revit Architecture

07 April 2010


Even after all these years I still excited about getting new software. Even if I have already beta test it, nothing beats a cardboard box

06 April 2010


Please provide us with your opinion - the destiny of Toolbars is in your hands!

Who Should Participate?
Any AutoCAD user

How To Participate?
Please submit your opinion via the Toolbars and Menus Survey:

Thanks for your help!-
AutoCAD Product Design&Usability Group
(Contact: elena.<mailto:fadeeva@autodesk.com>fadeeva@autodesk.com<mailto:fadeeva@autodesk.com>)

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Autodesk AEC Technology Day

Last week, I think Thursday, I got a call from a guy at Autodesk. After the initial platitudes he asked a question, "What are you doing next week?". After a few more minutes of explaination I was invited to the first Autodesk AEC Technology Day. The event is being held in the Walthan, MA, Autodesk AEC headquarters.
One of my first questions is why? What is this about? What is my role? I don't really have all the answers yet but it is proving to be interesting.
Last night was a media reception at the office. It was here that I learned that a main focus of the event is to make sure we (bloggers,writers,teachers,etc) have a basic grasp of what 2011 entails. What's good about it and how it can impact what we are doing.
What does Autodesk expect from this? As far as I can tell nothing beyond doing what *we* do. Talk about it, if we want, or don't talk about it. I've asked the question and interestingly gotten pretty much nothing in the form of guidance.
Okay, so what do I say? Well last night was interesting. I was happy to spend a few minutes speaking with some old Autodesk friends such as Nicolas and Marie. It was great to finally meet some fellow bloggers and instructors. The event ended too early in my opinion, so a few of us went back to the hotel and kept up the dialog, discussing all aspects of Autodesk, the communitity, and how it is impacting our lives directly.
So far so good. Today is scheduled and full of meetings. I can't wait to get through it and I will surely peel off at some point and talk about what I have seen and heard.

05 April 2010

Revit Structure 2011 Feature: Bullets and Numbering

What? Really? Yes kids, you have bullets and numbering in Revit 2011! You can fire up the text notes tool. Pick a spot to put it and then start typeing. When you are ready to start numbering, use the tool from the contextual ribbon and you immediately get a numeral uno! "1." and some space. Start typing and you have your first line of text. Hit Enter and get a "2.", continue typing.

It is just how it supposed to be, the world is alright now...

Now I have to admit it isn't all glory, we don't yet have copy/paste from MS Word and have the copied bullets or numbers exist as native Revit bullets & numbers. But I generally believe it is good enough now and that ability actually isn't needed anyway. Learn to type your notes in Revit and this is a non-issue.

01 April 2010

Revit Structure 2011 Feature: Remove Beam System

The new release right around the corner and I have had a lot of people inquire about what is in it. There are a lot of new features and enhancements, but I always really enjoy the 'duh' features. You know, the things that are so cool and handy they should have been there *before*. I've been around this industry long enough to knnow the lingo. Most people call these features "low hanging fruit" and they are very sweet indeed.

My personal favorite in RST2011 is the new ability to explode a beam system.

It may seem simple but you have to have the perspective from where we were before this little gem. In prior versions of Revit Structure, you could have a field day placing beam systems all over the place. It is a super quick way to layout lots, and I mean lots, of framing. But once it was there it kind of locked you out of making refinements as you want. Sure, you can change sizes and even unpin and move members about. But that beam system was still there - haunting you.

At some point you eventually get fed up with it and delete the beam system and relegate yourself to modeling the beams back.

Well now you don't have to. Once you are done with the beam system control, you can blow it up and leave all the beams behind. Nice.

Navisworks 2011 for Subscription Managers

Today Navisworks 2011, both Manage and Simulate (and Freedom I suspect) is available for download from your Subscription Center. I have not looked into the new features of the NW products but it is a very cool application. It's ability to bring in just about any 3D data and then let you move about in it is totally amazing. It has never let me down in capacity to bring in very large models.