24 March 2008

Deadline Day: AUGIWorld

Today is the bi-monthly deadline for article submissions for the next AUGIWorld issue. After today the contents goes into technical editing and then generally into production next week. It won't be seen again until about the middle of May when the May/June 2008 pape copy issue hits the streets.

07 March 2008

Revit Library Part 3

Here is a screen cap of what I was trying to describe. The # directories are *my* stuff, then there is a shortcut prefixed with a ! sign which when selected teleports the user into the out-of-the-box directory structure but under the same family type.

You should note the overall directory structure coming from S: drive, \Content is all from Autodesk whereas ...2008\Imperial Library is my structure. Let me know if you need more clarification.

06 March 2008

Revit Library Organization Part 2

Hey, you came back! Thanks!

To continue, what I have done to handle this issue is two part:

Family Files: I assign a unique naming convention to all custom or revisied family files. For my firm we choose a '#' prefix for all files we created or changed. If I am modeling away the time and see a family file in my model without a # sign prefix, then I know we didn't make it. If by chance I see the same family name with a # sign prefix, then I know I need to use that one instead. As an added benefit family files prefixed with a # sign will be listed at the top of their section in the Project Browser.

Directories: I also name all directories with a # sign prefix, telling the user that this directory is the company default structure. All families files/directories are stored on the server as well. On the server we also have all out-of-the-box content (under \Content of course) but in another main directory area. That content is not under the default directories users place in their Options File Search paths.

For example, you need to load a Detail Component. You fire up the Load dialog and you will be presented with all Firm family files. More than likely that is what you want, but on occasion we have not provided our own. In that directory will be a shortcut link to the same structure under \Content. The user can then click the link and will be in the out-of-the-box location.

I know this seems confusing so I will try to break it down again. There are 2 directory structures, A & B. A has the same organization but only contains Firm family files. B is out of the box. Within the A structure are shortcut links to the same structure location in B. The user's Options are all pointed to A directory structures.

That is the essence. If you don't understand it let me know and I'll post a pic of the layout.

05 March 2008

Revit Library Organization

Those 'reviting' will probably admit one of the coolest and most irritating facts about Revit is that the developers update the program in-between major releases. For example, Revit Structure 2008 has had 3 (I think) revisions since originally being released. So, you get the latest and greatest families, fixed bugs, perhaps a new feature, and overall a great benefit for the user. However, for the BIM Library guy - total hell. If you are like me, not only do you have to make these new families available but you also need to keep track of custom or user-enhanced families. How do you organize a directory structure that you can update quickly AND at the same time preserve your own files, not overwrite them, and make them available for use first so that your users load those *enhanced* families before loading out-of-the-box ones?

Come back tomorrow for how I do this... ;)

03 March 2008

Dinner with an old friend

Way back when, when I was on the AUGI Board of Directors, there was a guy who helped run Autodesk User Group Services named Kevin Merritt. An excellent fellow, he had the wonderful job of *doing* what needed to be done for us user/volunteers. He and I worked together for many years but from different sides of the country. Kevin lives near Autodesk in California and I live in Tampa, Florida. So whenever there is a chance to meet up I go for it. Well last week Kevin was in Orlando for a convention and even though he gave me little notice, my beautiful wife Carla, and I trucked on over to O-town and shared a nice meal with Kevin at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.

02 March 2008


Okay, I'm the worst blogger ever. I have no excuses, although work and home are eating much of my waking time. There hasn't been much going on other than those anyway.

However, I am very busy. On my plate at the moment is doing some training internally at Walter P Moore. I hacked up a 12 hour RST basics class for engineers and have given it once. It went pretty well and I'm looking to repeat it again at the end of the month.

Also coming is preparing for the next version of AutoCAD. We have a custom menuing system at WPM and I need to rework for our new AutoCAD GUI enhancements.

Anyway, I have more to chat about but need to unplug for the evening. I promise to offer a better blogging effort - I just need to give myself a daily task in Outlook!