29 January 2008

Don't like Press + Drag?

Joe Fiorello asked if there was a way to turn off Press + Drag feature in Revit Structure 2008. After a little review of the Revit.ini file I found a toggle that should turn it off at application start.

To have on...


To have off...

Now that is a big screen

Poor little blog getting ignored...sorry buddy!

Saw this in the news, amazing. Probably not that good for CAD work but gaming...nice!

22 January 2008

Neat Computer Gimic

Ever delete something you that later you wished you still had? Duh. Anyway, here is a potential new product to solve that very problem - but solve it with some style and cleverness!

Designed to mimic the look of a trash can, TEMPO is a unique hard drive storage device. Intended to protect the user from accidentally deleting files, it can also be used as an external storage device. As you delete files, they are automatically copied to the *TEMPO. As it fills up, led's light the "can" from the bottom up, informing you of how much space is available.*Tempo is just a concept. It hasn't been technologically designed.

15 January 2008

AUGI India Launches Local Chapters

The Local manufacturing Chapters on AUGI India

AUGI India is launching a new intiative: seven AUGI Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) Local Chapters. The seven cities to host these user groups will be :


Very cool!

10 January 2008

AUGI Forum discussion on Protecting Revit Families

There is an interesting thread on the forums regarding a method to protect families from being copied out of an original model. I had to pen my own opinion on the issue...check out the thread here. Note, you will need to be a AUGI member to get access - but that is easy and free!

07 January 2008

Short Term Bug in RST2008

Found over on the Bim & Beam blog. This is interesting, I've never heard of a software bug that dies on its own. Cool....

03 January 2008

Beach Rock Pictures!

Here's a link to pictures of coquina rocks along the beach south of St. Augustine, FL. My parents took me there as a kid, it has probably been over 30 years since I was last there.

Pictures of Castillo de San Marcos!

I finally got around to uploading pics from my recent trip. Click here to see pictures of Castillo de San Marcos, the only extant 17th century military construction in the country and the oldest masonry fortress in the United States. It is in St. Augustine, Florida. For more information, visit the National Park Service web site regarding the monument.

02 January 2008

Poll Results: Revit Structure Keyboard Shortcuts

Well the results are final, 66% of this web blog vote want Autodesk to provide Revit Structure Keyboard Shortcuts in the product. Only 22% were against the idea, and 12% said they really didn't understand what I was talking about anyway.

Thank you to all that voted. Look for more polls as the mood strikes me. ;)

01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, full of life, love, and prosperity in the coming year. Take care.