21 April 2008

Head, meet Jay Leno!

WOW, I’m one degree of separation from Jay Leno via the Matt Murphey clay head. My good friend Shaan Hurley, keeper of the head, got to meet Jay Leno at a recent Autodesk presentation. Back during AU 2007, I knew the head would become famous and I smartly had my own photo taken with 'him'.

19 April 2008

Happy Passover!

From WikiPedia:

Passover (Hebrew, Yiddish: פֶּסַח, Pesach, Tiberian: pɛsaħ, Israeli: Pesah, Pesakh) is a Jewish and Samaritan holy day and festival commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the liberation of the Israelites from slavery. It is also known as Festival of the Unleavened Bread (חַג הַמַּצּוֹת, ħaɣ ham:asʕ:oθ, "Chag/Khag Hamatzot/s").

Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan (19.April.2008), the first month of the Hebrew calendar, in accordance with the Hebrew Bible. The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt took place in the spring and so Passover must be celebrated in the spring.

17 April 2008

Mastering Revit Structure 2009

Okay, the secret is out. Myself and a few other guys are writing a book on Revit Structure 2009 to be published by Wiley/Sybex! Anyone who has ever written a book will tell you, it isn't a small task. And the worst/best part is that you don't do books for the money, it really doesn't pay much. But there is glory, fame, ego boosting, etc. I've done a few books on AutoCAD but did those mostly alone. This time I am simply part of a great team of writers and enjoying it - so far.

16 April 2008

Revit Structure 2009

Finally, I can say something! RST2009 is out of the lab and onto the streets! If you are a subscription customer you will get it soon. You can also be impatient and download it from the web site if you wish.

Autodesk and their staff blogs are doing a fine job in exposing the new features so I won't bother to repeat them. I will add that the new CIP features with joining and material 'welding' are a welcome addition. The new dimenion features are also very cool.

Overall RST2009 is evolutionary, it improves a lot, adds a bit more, and should be a very easy upgrade for many. One other side note is that Autodesk requested customer work images, and got them! I submitted a number for Walter P Moore and they are shown during the install process! One this post is one of my favorites. Ever wonder what goes into a CIP connection with post-tensioning cables? Take a look!

14 April 2008

AutoLISP is *still* alive

Anyone using AutoCAD still? HA! You know you are, admit it. Well I still do and still dearly love its easy to use programming language AutoLISP. Well my fellow Lispers, there is a new wiki site for all things Lisp. http://lispwiki.com. I even have a program or two up there for your perusal. Enjoy!

Bye, Bye VIZ

Just an FYI, Autodesk is not continuing to upgrade Autodesk VIZ for the next round of releases. The last we will see of VIZ is the current 2008 version. In its place is a copy of 3ds MAX, named Autodesk 3ds MAX Design 2009. As far as I can tell this version and Autodesk 3ds MAX 2009 are exactly the same although there might be some library differences. From what I heard this will be followed by future separation as Design tracking along as a AEC product while just MAX will continues to be heavily developed for gaming companies.

If you have VIZ licenses shortly you will be able to cross-grade them to Design lics for about $250 each. Contact your reseller for more information.

03 April 2008


Just got back from a short trip and lo and behold, my mail had a cardboard box in it! My first copy of AutoCAD 2009 has arrived! Now I have some work to do, building network installations so my fellow coworkers can bask in the glory of the new user interface!

I know, a little cheesy, but to a long time user a new release is like getting a birthday present. I've got my prep work still to do - upgrading my menu to the new ribbon interface. Then there is the sorting through dozens of PC3 and CTB/STB files used on old projects and don't need to be carried to 09.

Okay, now it don't sound as fun anymore... ;)