15 November 2010

This is killer!

Photo Scene Editor 1.2 for Project Photofly
Project Photofly is a cloud service that converts photographs to 3d scenes. Create models to load into AutoCAD®, Inventor®, Revit®, etc. software. Version 1.2 adds an improved GUI, better accuracy, plane-restricted modeling, and easier manual stitching. http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/photo_scene_editor/


Revit Hangs

I have not posted in a little while, been very busy with work and preparing for Autodesk University. I need to make a conceience decision to post something as often as I can, so perhaps I’ll start just rambling on about what is happening in my world(s).

The machine I have now I have had for about 9 months with very little problems. I’ve had Revit Structure 2011 installed since first being released and have not had many problems. One came up this morning though.

The software wouldn’t load past the splash screen. I recalled others in my office discussing this and after a quick reminder, did a quick look on the web and found the solution described at http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/07/revit-2011-hangs-at-splash-screen-or-crashes-with-unrecoverable-error.html

Pretty simple actually, I deleted the files noted in #2 and #3 and it opens just fine. Moving on with work now…