24 July 2009

Autodesk API surveys (more)

Autodesk is deep in development of the next releases of our products. We need your help setting API development priorities. Choose the product(s) you prefer, and place your ADN vote for API enhancements.

Autodesk Inventor
AutoCAD Civil 3D

Since starting these API wish lists seven years ago, ADN has consistently lobbied Autodesk’s various engineering teams for the enhancements you request. And your voice is being heard. Across our products, API enhancements requested by ADN members are delivered, release after release.

Your vote is important, but to be counted, we have to hear from you! The deadline for entries is Friday July 31, 2009. Each survey is short and should take around five minutes to complete.

When the surveys have ended, and the results have been compiled, we will publish the final API Wish list that our engineering teams will use to prioritize API development.

Thank you in advance for all your help. Autodesk values your input.

23 July 2009

Awesome Dialog

Just happened to me, using WSFTP software. It is ironic as I have never seen this error before.

22 July 2009

Mess with a RST user by

renaming his project model scope box to None. Then hide the display of scope boxes in all views.

16 July 2009

Revit API Wishlist Survey

Revit API Wishlist Survey, Summer 2009


How best to learn?

No one will deny that learning a new software application is a challenge. but the real challenge is how best to teach it? Most users start with a X day full time class on the subject, coming away with a ton of info in a short amount of time. They then know the basics, have seen the software do amazing things, but in a scant weeks time will have forgotten the steps to do most anything.

So how should that person regain that skill? Pick up a book? Grab a fellow employee? Open up help? Call a reseller for technical help? Ask in a forum? Check out youtube videos? Watch in-house training?

What do you think? It had just been trained and then a month later forgot how to use the software, what method would you use? Which method offers the best and most reliable source of information in a consistant and reliable fashion?

14 July 2009

Mastering Revit Structure 2010 is soooo close

For the most part all the work on the Mastering Revit Structure 2010 book is done. It is over to production and I hope to see it hit the pavement in about 45 days. As before, the list price is $69.99 (as if the extra cent would make a difference) but Amazon has it listed pretty cheap at $44.09.

Before you think poorly of me, I get zilch from book sales (unless sales are really, really good) but the book is really a great resource for those using RST and myself and the other authors are very proud of our work.


Hey! I'm back!

You knew it was too quiet around here, yea... I was on vacation! But alas, that is over, back to work. A recent project of mine was issued for permit so I hope to get back to this little blog more often. So I have been very busy in spite of this economy.

01 July 2009

The AUGI Board of Directors Ballot is OPEN - 2009 Special Election

The AUGI Board of Directors Ballot is OPEN - 2009 Special Election

The AUGI 2009 Special Election is underway...

We have four candidates on the slate. Only two seats are open for the Board.

Each candidate should be considered individually. A candidate is elected based on total Yes votes counted. You may vote on all four candidates, but you may only vote Yes on a total of two candidates. The two candidates receiving the largest number of Yes votes will be elected.

The process of narrowing down the number of qualified nominees to the four candidates included on this year's ballot was a difficult one. The candidates that are elected will serve the remainder of a two year period that continues through December, 2010.

We commend all the nominees and candidates for their willingness to serve and be part of this process. Their credentials and dedicated service are one of the reasons that AUGI is such a strong organization. It is through members such as these that we continue to expand the offerings, programs, events, and training to AUGI members.

NOTE: You must have been a member of AUGI for at least 30 days prior to the close of nominations (May 24, 2009) to be able to vote in this year's Board of Directors election.

Your Vote Counts!