28 June 2009

24 June 2009


AUGI has produced another magazine, AEC Edge, focused on the AEC industry. It is chock full of articles for architects, engineers, and MEP types, and primarily related to Revit use.


19 June 2009

RST: Did you know?

Revit Structure, did you know that you can attach a framing elevation to a reference plane that has been given a name?
Most everyone knows that framing elevations *want* to attach to a grid. And you can create a copy of a framing elevation and lose the 'datum' attachment, thus requiring assigning a workplane if you try certain things like putting in a brace.
But placing a framing elevation based on a named reference plane could be the trick to use in some circumstances... like a framing elevation not based on a grid!

18 June 2009

AutoCAD: Materials Editor Palette Survey

We Need Your Help!
AutoCAD Product Design&Usability Group will greatly appreciate your input on the use of certain features of the Materials Editor Palette.

Who Could Participate?
Any user of AutoCAD application involved in preparing models and materials for rendering.

If you are ready to participate- please access this Survey (Survey has 7 questions only!):


This Survey will be active: June 17-27, 2009.
AutoCAD Product Design&Usability Group

Thanks for your participation!

09 June 2009

Stadium Roof Collapse

I'm just in awe of the destruction...the big part with the end buttresses is on the ground and bowl now.