19 April 2011

AUGIWorld April 2011 issue available!

AUGI is pleased to announce that the April 2011 issue of AUGIWorld is now available for download via PDF and online via digital edition.

Autodesk has released new versions of most of its products!

Click Here to read the AUGIWorld April 2011 issue.

Also in this issue of AUGIWorld:

  • Beth Powell uncovers a streamlined and simplified AutoCAD MEP 2012
  • Brian Benton examines the productivity boost in AutoCAD 2012
  • Stephen Preston unplugs the latest AutoCAD 2012 API’s
  • Brian Benton goes mobile with AutoCAD WS 2012
  • Autodesk’s Harlan Brumm answers AUGI’s 15 most interesting questions
  • Christopher Fugitt gets sand between his toes with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012
  • Lonnie Cumpton and team win big with Revit Architecture 2012 & Platform
  • William Troeak gives you a Heads Up with all the latest updates, services packs and top known issues.
  • Erik Lewis has the latest industry news in the Inside Track
  • R. Robert Bell unveils what’s in the Revit MEP 2012 box
  • Phil Russo reinforces the value found in Revit Structure 2012
  • Richard Parker gets interoperable with Navisworks 2012
  • John Evans finds all the new nuts and bolts in Autodesk Inventor 2012

15 April 2011

Customize your 2012

So I'm deep into installing Autodesk 2012 deployments for a network installation of these products and missed an important step. I don't know about others but I prefer to have clear instructions on what to do next.

In previous version of Autodesk products, if you wanted to customize the build, perhaps to change the defaults or pull files in special locations, you clicked the Customize button.

However, with 2012 and the fancy, yet cool, installer, this can easily be overlooked. The "button" to Customize is only displayed when you hover over the area with the \/ arrow.

I admit I missed it... I didn't play around looking for the Customize button. I do this about once a year and so it didn't dawn on me. I clicked Create and sat back and enjoyed my coffee.

Afterwards I noticed I never saw a Customize option and then contacted some folks at Autodesk for more insight.

When I repeated the process, this time looking for anything, I found the button to Customize. Autodesk calls it Configure, same thing to me.

Anyway, that's it for this post. Keep an eye out for it when you are creating deployments.

11 April 2011

Point Cloud: Looking for your feedback

From Autodesk…

Greetings CAD software User!

Are you using the Point Cloud data? - The AutoCAD User Experience &Product Design Team would like your feedback on the use of Point Cloud files (from various 3D laser scanners) in your projects.

Please participate in the research by submitting the Point Cloud Survey:


We look forward to hearing from you,

AutoCAD User Experience & Product Design Team

05 April 2011

Autodesk BIM 360

There is a new product bundle (suite-ish) coming from Autodesk. Here is a run down of what it is it:

Vault Collaboration AEC
Project Bluestreak
Design Review

Pretty dense Rebar

Snapped a pic from Jay Bhatt's presentation of highly detailed Revit Structure model of a foundation mat. Ugh... scary...but cool.

It's begun

Paul Sullivan with Autodesk gave a brief introduction of the events to occur over the next few days. Following that Jay Bhatt is pumped and giving a nice discussion on where Autodesk is going and what the AEC industry is breaking in. Snapped a quick pic of Jay... ;)

Autodesk AEC Media Event

So today up in Waltham, MA, USA, Autodesk is holding the 2012 Product Release Media Event. In a nutshell this event is attended by the press from all over the world. I am also attending, representing my firm, Walter P. Moore and Assoc., as well as Autodesk User Group International, AUGIWorld magazine, and my little blog CADDHELP and related Twitter.

What I actually end up saying is to be seen but I'll try to do my best to let you know what Autodesk is saying this year and what might be relevant to most users.

03 April 2011

Next up...Waltham, MA

Tomorrow morning, heading to Autodesk AEC HQ in Waltham, near Boston, MA. This trip is twofold, to meet and greet some of the guys who make Revit what it is and to raise awareness about the new wares from Autodesk.

Look for more early this week.