29 January 2009

Creating 2D Views from a 3D Model in AutoCAD

There is a survey from Autodesk asking for input on AutoCAD for creating
2D views from a 3D model. Have some ideas on this? Share them!

27 January 2009

My latest RST technique

I'm working on a stadium project that seems to be changing every day or so. It is a steel project so there are a lot of members to keep track of. And since it is a stadium, there is a good deal of members being unique and varying in length as the building 'curves' around the field.

So I'm having a go at using a schedule to isolate and then change beams en masse. Imagine knowing that the beams that are 9' off grid E are 29'-3 3/4" long, on each level. If you know that you can use a schedule to 'edit' that beam size, camber, studs, etc. and edit it pretty quickly. Depending on how you build the schedule, each beam can be listed individually. Or you can adjust the schedule to bundle beams by size, level and length. Doing that gets you the access to that specific beam(s) so one schedule change, changes all that match it.

Now this isn't earth shattering but it is the first I have really put it to use and I must say I have found it very helpful.

Lynn Allen to visit Tampa 2009-Feb-17

Join Autodesk Technical Evangelist and Cadalyst columnist Lynn Allen as she takes you through a tour of the latest features and puts you on the road to instant productivity! Knowing Lynn, she’s sure to throw in some tips and tricks you can use regardless of the release you are using.

Date and Time: 2009-Feb-17
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Eastern Standard Time (North America)
Deadline: 2009-Feb-16
Location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Hosted By: Avatech Solutions Subsidiary, Inc. (East)
Cost: FREE

Click here:

15 January 2009

AUGI issues in the forums

There are a number of issues related the management and organization of AUGI going on in their forums. I have been quite vocal there, that interferes with posting here (my apologies).

If you read this, perhaps you are interested in seeing all the drama unfolding at AUGI? Membership is free (and required) to use this link to get the forum.

USA - It's close to TAX TIME

Personally I use TurboTax so I have problem recommending it. Here is a link to a discount to using it for your taxes via State Farm.

12 January 2009

Not related to CAD but still techy

I hope to get back to CAD related postings this week but I feel compelled to sing (literally) the praises for Rock Band on whatever platform you so choose. Over the holidays I bought the family a Nintendo Wii and the games have been moderately entertaining for the kiddies. They have lots of other things to do so it doesn’t get a ton of use. Well something possessed me and I picked up Rock Band 2 after seeing people playing it during Autodesk University. It is quite amazing how a game with purpose-built technology can bridge all ages. This weekend was the first since getting it and although not yet past the EASY setting on drums or guitar, the game play is quite enjoyable. Saturday the whole family spent more than just a minute or two in the same room – shocking! It managed to attract my 17y old daughter out of her cave, and the 7 & 8y old kids didn’t argue (as much) during this time. I even managed to shred some tunes both on vocals and guitar. I’m sure some long dead rockers are now on their stomachs. Anyway, a big thumbs up! For a good time try it out yourself.

07 January 2009

WOOHOO! The site is back up...

www.augi.com is back up. Boy, that was weird…


The Autodesk User Group International website is offline. Hmmm…

05 January 2009

Cool, I got quoted!

I was quoted in the December 2008 issue of Structural Engineer magazine (http://www.gostructural.com/article.asp?id=3349) in an article titled Integrated project delivery in practice: New concepts of improving value for structural engineers.


According to David J. Harrington, senior associate at Walter P Moore and Associates, Inc., in Tampa, Fla., “The concept of IPD in action is something that I think most people involved want from the outset. We all want fully coordinated structures, rooms, terrains, and even [to know] how to build the project. But the nature of the industry is ‘Me first; you and everyone else later.’ This one for one attitude blocks the fundamental goal of data sharing, collaboration, and streamlined project construction.”


I know, kinda fluffy in context…but still kinda neat.

Happy New Year!

The title says it all. After 2008, it wouldn't take much to make 2009 a roaring success! On a side note, I've added another blog to my Fav list.