05 January 2009

Cool, I got quoted!

I was quoted in the December 2008 issue of Structural Engineer magazine (http://www.gostructural.com/article.asp?id=3349) in an article titled Integrated project delivery in practice: New concepts of improving value for structural engineers.


According to David J. Harrington, senior associate at Walter P Moore and Associates, Inc., in Tampa, Fla., “The concept of IPD in action is something that I think most people involved want from the outset. We all want fully coordinated structures, rooms, terrains, and even [to know] how to build the project. But the nature of the industry is ‘Me first; you and everyone else later.’ This one for one attitude blocks the fundamental goal of data sharing, collaboration, and streamlined project construction.”


I know, kinda fluffy in context…but still kinda neat.

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