26 March 2009

Announcement: Visual Styles Survey

AutoCAD Product Design and Usability Group would appreciate your feedback and input on using Visual Styles in AutoCAD and other applications.

Who Should Participate?
Any AutoCAD user who uses Visual Styles, custom styles or effects in AutoCAD and is familiar with similar features in other applications.

What Are We Looking For?
The Goal of this survey is to gather usage-specific data and user-specific preferences for Visual Styles, effects, and for the Adaptive Degradation features.

Visual Styles in AutoCAD Survey:

Survey will be active: March 26- April 3, 2009.

AutoCAD Product Design&Usability Team

24 March 2009

Still so quiet...

I know, I know, it is awfully quiet on this little blog. I’m sorry, I can’t help it at the moment. I’m very busy with work and as noted there are new versions of software just over the horizon. Once those hit, THEN, there will be lots to talk about. So have patience, all will be revealed soon.

18 March 2009

AUGI Election Process Survey

There is a survey over at AUGI regarding the method to conduct an election. It may seem like a strange survey, but believe me, they need to pin this down. In the past AUGI has had open ranked ballot (x open seats, y names to choose from), but of late they have switched to affirmation ballot (x open seats, x names to choose from). Personally I prefer a ranked ballot. Make your opinion count using the link below: (must be an AUGI member)


13 March 2009

Pics from DC

I took nearly 300 pictures while in DC. Any chance I had I went out playing tourist. Luckily the WPM DC office is a scant 3 blocks from the White House so finding opportunities were easy.
I have a habit of taking a picture of something recognizable with my head in the shot as well. DC proved to be no exception. Enjoy!


Sorry everyone, I was working my tail off on a huge deadline the week prior and then this week I was in Washington DC doing some RST training for some WPM staff. I just got in last night and my feet were killing me. I don't know how tourists do it.

Anyway, I will post a pic or two here just for giggles and then try to get back to proper blogging next week.

02 March 2009

AUGIWorld lives!

The first issue of 2009 is out – in digital form only. It’s the same stuff as before, just now a lot lighter and totally green!