16 April 2008

Revit Structure 2009

Finally, I can say something! RST2009 is out of the lab and onto the streets! If you are a subscription customer you will get it soon. You can also be impatient and download it from the web site if you wish.

Autodesk and their staff blogs are doing a fine job in exposing the new features so I won't bother to repeat them. I will add that the new CIP features with joining and material 'welding' are a welcome addition. The new dimenion features are also very cool.

Overall RST2009 is evolutionary, it improves a lot, adds a bit more, and should be a very easy upgrade for many. One other side note is that Autodesk requested customer work images, and got them! I submitted a number for Walter P Moore and they are shown during the install process! One this post is one of my favorites. Ever wonder what goes into a CIP connection with post-tensioning cables? Take a look!

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