05 March 2008

Revit Library Organization

Those 'reviting' will probably admit one of the coolest and most irritating facts about Revit is that the developers update the program in-between major releases. For example, Revit Structure 2008 has had 3 (I think) revisions since originally being released. So, you get the latest and greatest families, fixed bugs, perhaps a new feature, and overall a great benefit for the user. However, for the BIM Library guy - total hell. If you are like me, not only do you have to make these new families available but you also need to keep track of custom or user-enhanced families. How do you organize a directory structure that you can update quickly AND at the same time preserve your own files, not overwrite them, and make them available for use first so that your users load those *enhanced* families before loading out-of-the-box ones?

Come back tomorrow for how I do this... ;)

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You tease!