01 December 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Okay, here we go again - Autodesk University! The premier (and only) Autodesk focused event held yearly in the USA. Just got in this afternoon after a nice flight from Tampa via Houston. Did the whole registration thing but this year was different than before - self check-in kiosks! Kinda cool I guess, but it does make the whole thing a little less interesting. Hack your name and then get sent to a queue where someone calls out your name and you grab your stuff and jet. I guess I like the interaction.

Anyway, all is set. There are two things to hit this evening; the AU Speaker Social. It's a chance for the staff to meet and greet with the speakers and share a drink or three. Usually a fun time and very low key.

After that is a AEC BIM Mixer - yet another opportunity to meet and greet with the movers and shakers in the A/E/C & BIM industry. After Thanksgiving last week, I feel like a shaker more than a mover. I suspect I will get a chance to meet the cream of the BIM crop at this - and have another beer I suspect.

Tomorrow, classes begin! I hope to keep my blog hot with blurbs from the event. I also noticed it is 1 year now since this little rag was born. It started with a lot of energy but I will admit has foundered a bit on occasion. I pledge to do it right from now on - and post as a good blog parent should!

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