02 December 2008


Okay, I am totally exhausted. Last night I hit the speaker social and had a wonderful time chatting it up with fellow speakers. Always a low key event, this is one chance to actually say HI to guys that due to everyone's schedule I won't see again during the show.

During this little party I also spent some time with Tom Wier and Jamie Richardson, fellow Mastering Revit Structure authors. We reflected on the book writing this year, the publishing process and our hopes for the book acceptance in the industry. Writing a book is like have a kid - you want it to be good and a success, regardless of making any money! Only the main stream authors write for cash, us tech writers do it for the love of writing and sharing information.

Following the speaker gig, I hit the AEC Bim party. This thing started small just a few years ago and now has hundreds attending. During this event I spent a good deal of time talking to Nicolas Mangon and others with Autodesk. I did so much talking that my voice this morning was a bit scratchy and soar. I think I may need to take it easier today.

Next up today is the keynote, AUGI Volunteer luncheon, followed by a couple classes. Then this evening is the exhibit hall opening. That is always the craziest and most entertaining time for me.

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