01 December 2007


Wow, I am so exhausted from attending Autodesk University 2007 in Las Vegas this past week. The event was the biggest ever with something near 10,000 in attendance. The classes once again rocked with lots of variation and expertise shared by 300+ instructors. Obviously the hotel, the Venetian, was once again a pleasure to visit. My only real complaint was that the exhibition was housed in what felt like a garage. Oh well, I'm sure the size of the event didn't provide many options. But all in all, hitting some classes, meeting up with old friends, and networking galore with Autodesk personnel was totally awesome.

Of course, I should mention the rain on the departure day that put many delays on people returning home - myself included. Over in terminal A it was AU at the airport with a bunch of people trying to get to Waltham (the Revit Autodeskers) while myself was trying to get back to Tampa. I seem to recall finally getting to bed at 3am ET. Ugh!

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