18 February 2009

Get ready to rock

As just posted on "Between the Lines" by Shaan Hurley, Autodesk has announced that *most* Autodesk 2010 products will ship on March 24. Now I don't think anyone is shocked by the date, Autodesk has traditionally had the new AutoCAD hit the streets by the end of the 1st quarter. But I am rather surprised at the actual date being announced. I don't recall ever seeing that before with another release.

What else can I determine by this? Well it depends on what you consider "most" to mean. If most of the Autodesk 2010 products are based on AutoCAD then I would wager that means the apps based on AutoCAD will be ready then. That also means by definition that non-AutoCAD products won't ship then. Again, no big deal really but this is an interesting tact by Autodesk to drive interest before the program is out.

I personally have a lot to do when AutoCAD 2010 is out. The custom menuing system I use has both toolbars/pull-down menus/ribbon tabs. We have decided to fully support the ribbon interface and nix the older menu bar and tools method for accessing commands. I';m sure a number of people will be lost but there is no time like the present to adopt the latest user interface trend. I say trend because we all know it will change again, some day. ;)

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