16 July 2009

How best to learn?

No one will deny that learning a new software application is a challenge. but the real challenge is how best to teach it? Most users start with a X day full time class on the subject, coming away with a ton of info in a short amount of time. They then know the basics, have seen the software do amazing things, but in a scant weeks time will have forgotten the steps to do most anything.

So how should that person regain that skill? Pick up a book? Grab a fellow employee? Open up help? Call a reseller for technical help? Ask in a forum? Check out youtube videos? Watch in-house training?

What do you think? It had just been trained and then a month later forgot how to use the software, what method would you use? Which method offers the best and most reliable source of information in a consistant and reliable fashion?


cadalot said...

All of the above..........

Jon Stamps said...

I've heard this question asked a lot, with many different answers.
There are two problems I see:
1. Everyone learns best in different ways. Each individual should find how they come to understand things, and then find a teaching method that suits them. This can be difficult for large groups, but in that case a method with many approaches works well.
2. The learning method should also apply to the way that it will be applied. If the knowledge won't be used for several months, the X-day training may not be as helpful as frequent YouTube videos.