16 March 2011

AUGIWorld magazine - March 2011 issue

AUGI is pleased to announce that the March 2011 issue of AUGIWorld is now available for download via PDF and online via digital edition.

Christian Barrett provides a Civil 3D Guide to Sustainable Designing.


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Click Here to read the AUGIWorld March issue

 Also in this issue of AUGIWorld

• David Harrington, interim AUGIWorld Editor-in-Chief introduces the new AUGIWorld Content Management team

• Erik Lewis has the latest industry news in the Inside Track

• Antonio Fontenele introduces the new AutoCAD Material Editor and Browser

• Beth Powell covers her top 5 commands that she can’t live without in AutoCAD

• Christopher Fugitt admits we don’t know everything we could about AutoCAD Civil 3D

• Jeff Bartels speaks volumes in AutoCAD Civil 3D for Earthwork in living color

• Melinda Heavrin explains how Display Themes work in AutoCAD Architecture

• Matt Worland gets old school with AutoCAD AutoLISP

• Phil Russo finds the Formula for success in Revit Structure

• Todd Shackelford exposes Revit MEP Lighting Fixture Schedules

• William Troeak gathers in Heads Up all the latest updates, services packs and top known issues.

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