18 December 2007

Run Revit Structure in Vista?

A readed name Joe Fiorello asked me "Has anyone tried to run Revit Structure in Vista yet?" and the answer is certainly yes. I loaded a machine about 2 months ago with Vista 64bit and the latest RST, it ran fine and I didn't experience any problems. In fact, as I noted to some friends at Autodesk, it actually 'felt' more stable. At the time I was working with some pretty big models and this Vista machine had been loaded up with 4gig of RAM. So I'm guessing that Vista 64bit was able to distribute the memory better than XP and that lead to my zero-crashing experience. Now I am certainly not an expert in the OS arena so don't go buying on my statements. If I have any advice at all it would be if you go Vista, 32 or 64, also max out your memory and/or get a faster machine. All things being equal Vista will be slower than XP but probably more stable, so give it better 'gas/petrol' to show you real day-to-day improvements.


Joe Fiorello said...

Thanks for your help. A coworker and I are starting a Revit Structure Forum. I'll provide more information as we get the site a bit more developed.

David Harrington said...

Cool Joe. Is your forum internal to a company? I'm just curious if you find the AUGI Structure forum lacking in some way?