15 September 2010

Load additional catalog types "easy peasy"

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while. I came across a quick way to load additional types from a catalog (or reload a family quickly) by using the Families section of the Project Browser.

For example, if I want to load a W30x108 beam type from the W-Wide Flange.rfa family file, normally I would start the Beam tool. Then since I don’t have the type click the Load Family button. That opens the Load Family file dialog. Click into Structural, then Framing, Steel, scroll down and locate and select W-Wide Flange.rfa. Click Open and there we have the catalog file. That was 7 clicks and took a little focus to get the right folders. Without close attention on occasion you might go into Columns incorrectly and not notice until after loading.

Now for the other method. Once you know you need a beam type you don’t have loaded. Expand the Families list (if needed). Expand Structural Framing (or the category you need), locate and select the family name (W-Wide Flange), right-click and choose Reload. Revit will locate the family file and make it selected. All you have to do is click Open. If all items I mentioned were closed, that was 6 clicks to get the catalog open, perhaps not a huge savings, but often you will have some of these expanded already. Additionally, there was no hunting thru a directory for a file. I think that is where the efficiency really is. No mistakes can be made.

That’s it. Reload via the Families category in the Project Browser. Give it a try.


Priit said...

It does not work for me. When I press reload , it takes me to the last folder I loaded families from. So I need to relocate the family folder, so no saved cklics for me.

AA said...

I have the same issue it does not take me directly to family