27 September 2010

Revit 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack - Part 2

So the previous post has some pretty big enhancements, but that isn't all of it...nice huh? Those guys up in Waltham have been busy!

So far we have new conceptual energy analysis tools. These are now doable from within the single Revit Architecture or Revit MEP programs. Get out of the darkness and into the sun study! Okay, well I'm not a comic so that is best I could come up with.

Then we have now something called Revit Server, where a central file is placed on a single server on your WAN, defined as a Central Server. Then users access it, files get copied to local servers and then to the local station. Performance gets a big boost.

Next in the Revit 2011 SAP are improved Design Analysis tools in Revit Structure. Newly added is floor vibration analysis, gravity column analysis, and SDNF import & export. The last one has the potential to really finally get engineers to start using a RST model for the model generation in non-Autodesk design tools. It is an older format, but it provides a pretty wide base level of compatability.

So when is the Revit 2011 SAP getting released? Soon...probably this week. ;)

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